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November 10th, 2010

Difference between organic SEO and pay per click advertisement

With the growing demand of online marketing like Search Engine Optimization and Pay per click, internet marketing has become the most convenient and affordable mode of advertising the products. It has been found that most people consider pay per click and search engine optimization more or less similar and they do not realize there is an apple to orange difference between the two, and it is imperative for the internet marketing firms to understand the functionalities of these two popular tool of advertisement to decide their strategy and to target their customers.

Before we discuss the organic SEO, it is important to understand search engine optimization at the first place, Seo is a process that deals with the visibility and the presence of the website or a web page in the major search engine portals to attract the eye of the visitor to the website and inform about the products and services the website offer, in a nutshell, it brings more traffic to the website. Now let us talk about the organic SEO, it is simply getting found in the search engine portals without being charged by the search engines and be visible for a very long time. This helps the websites to draw more visitors to its website as it has better content and gives visitor a better experience.

The other subject matter is Pay per click, this form of advertisement deals in bidding of the keywords with search engine portals. The bids are made by the visitors for the keywords that match according to services and products and that are pertinent to their websites. The payment is made to the host for every click of the advertisement keyword whereas the content websites charge the advertisers at a fixed price unlike the bidding format. To explain it with an example, keywords like PHP, Web design, SEO etc will be bid by a web development company. Compared to other forms of advertisement, pay per click is more attractive and popular as it gives a better chance to meet the target audience rather than being optimized. On the hind side, pay per click could also become a cost burden for the companies as it does not guarantee sales on every click and most of the visitors would just leave the website to check the other available options.

The importance of search engine optimization and pay per click are equally important and one should have a clear picture and motif before selecting the mode of advertisement. The demand of internet marketing agencies is growing at a rapid pace and one should be able to find the number of internet marketing firms to meet their advertising need.

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